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 "The Conversion"
Original Airdate:  January 04, 1985
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Plot Summary - The Leader's Special Envoy, Charles, uses a new conversion process to brainwash Ham into killing Mike Donovan.

Detailed Review -


Freedom Network Medal of Valour - The Freedom Network Medal of Valour is awarded to Dixie Reilly, a high school science teacher who used his home computer to hack into the Visitor Security system and used the information that he learned to prevent a sneak attack on Memphis, Tennessee.

Bloopers and Nitpicks -

Memorable Moments -  
Diana:  Jane Badler
Lydia:  June Chadwick
Elizabeth Maxwell:  Jennifer Cooke 
Willie: Robert Englund
Juliet Parrish:  Faye Grant
Ham Tyler:  Michael Ironside
Mike Donovan: Marc Singer
Nathan Bates:  Lane Smith
Robin Maxwell:  Blair Tefkin
Elias Taylor:  Michael Wright
Kyle Bates: Jeff Yagher
Guest Stars
Mr. Chiang: Aki Aleong
Chris:  Mickey Jones
Charles: Duncan Regehr
Howard K. Smith: Howard K. Smith
Additional Guest Stars: 
Marin Mazzie, Vince McKewin, Catherine Nguyen, Syl Farrell, Dominic Hoffman, John C. Mooney, Nicole Rowe, Kurt Smildsin 
Executive Producer:  Daniel H. Blatt
Executive Producer:  Robert Singer
Supervising Producer:  Garner Simmons
Producer:  David Latt
Creator:  Kenneth Johnson
Writer:  Brian Taggert
Director: Gilbert Shilton

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